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PLA straw (heat-resistant)

PLA straw(heat-resistant), when ambient temperature change ,the straw will not deformed in shipping process.

What are biodegradable materials?

Biodegradable materials are mainly bio-based natural materials that go through processes of fermentation, chemical synthesis or monomer polymerization of fossil products to make degradable polyester. In general, polymers made by renewable natural resources, such as microorganisms, plants and animals, are the most environmental friendly. The traditional plastic materials, such as PE, PVC, PS and PP, cannot be degraded into H2O and CO2 by microorganisms. When biodegradable products are exposed to the air, they will not be degraded; only when sufficient humidity, oxygen and the appropriate amount of microorganisms are present, which exists in natural landfills or manure, will the biodegradable products breakdown into H2O and CO2 by microorganisms in 20-45 days.

Advantages of biodegradable materials:

  1. The structures of the materials are similar to carbohydrates, which are toxic free.
  2. The materials do not cause any undesired impact to the environment with any type of waste management (such as incineration, landfills, recycling and manure).
  3. It may replace the petrol-based plastics with similar features owned by the traditional plastic products; the applications of the biodegradable products would be the same.
  4. The management of landfill or manure disposal may completely degrade the materials.
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